What’s in a Name: The Meaning of Fellowship

When it came time to decide how to celebrate Norbella’s 10-year anniversary it felt natural to do something that celebrates our culture. The idea to brew a beer in honor of our anniversary seemed like the perfect way to Cheers the milestone. Then came the task of naming the beer which may have been the hardest part.

What’s in a name? We felt it was important that our beer had a clever yet meaningful name. We brainstormed all sorts ideas. From Drunk Uncle to Honey Badger, we drew inspiration from our team and the culture that has been built over the past ten years.

We then realized that the perfect name was in front of us all along; a word that is frequently used and heard around the office. Teresa Conant, Broadcast manager had introduced Fellowship to the agency over 9 years ago when she started at Norbella. We asked Teresa the meaning behind the famous Fellowship.

“Some of my older family members would gather in their church basement or at each other’s houses for “fellowship.” This was literally them sitting around, talking, no alcohol or anything untoward. The term seemed so quaint and pure so of course I had to take it and turn it on its head completely. By the time Friday afternoons roll around, most of us are completely fried from running at 110 miles per hour all week. We all are yearning for that first drink to signal the beginning of the weekend. So, I figured that if I disguised knocking off a bit early on a Friday and getting together in the kitchen with everyone as something pure sounding as “Fellowship” it would be better received than if I went around and said: “Ok, let’s drink.” Well, full transparency, I’ve definitely done that too. Over time, fellowship has become synonymous with an excuse to stop working a bit early and start drinking. When people say, I am ready for fellowship or even when people make it a verb and say let’s fellowship, there are no explanations needed; people know what you’re talking about. I am especially thrilled when new employees start, and I overhear someone telling them about our fellowships as if it is part of the onboarding process. It has definitely become a part of the Norbella vernacular. My grandparents would be so proud.”

In the end Fellowship represents a chance to unwind, a chance to get together to laugh, talk and enjoy one another’s company. And what better way than over an ice-cold beverage.

Cheers to Fellowship and to those that have been a part of ours over the past 10 years.

Teresa Conant is the Broadcast Manager at Norbella. She can be found doing “research” for her job by watching hours and hours of TV each and every day. When she isn’t glued to the tube, you can find her jamming out to any number of boy bands, NKOTB especially, or curled up with her fur babies Haylee Girl and Chase reading a good book.

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