Suspenseful Narrative Storytelling to Capture Businesses Big and Small


Carbonite, a leader in data protection — known mostly for their consumer offering — came to us for help building trust and preference with enterprise buyers.

Key Questions

In order to help them, we had to answer these key questions:

  • How can Carbonite connect with IT decision makers / influencers in a unique way through emerging media?


Working in partnership with Midroll/Spoke Media, we developed a branded podcast investigating history’s most notorious data breaches and a creative media plan to support it.

Suspenseful narrative storytelling brings urgency to an issue facing businesses big and small. The message: Protect your data today to protect and grow your business tomorrow.

Breach is a five-part, 16-week flight podcast series examining the world’s most notorious data breaches. It looks at how they happened, the consequences for the company involved, and how it could have been prevented. Hosted by tech journalist Bob Sullivan and producer Alia Tavakolian, they go inside the hacks like those at Yahoo and more. The show features interviews with cybersecurity experts, former employees who handled the breaches, and hackers themselves.


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“Who woulda thought that this would be so entertaining/suspenseful/fun to listen to? Turns out the Yahoo hack is endlessly fascinating — the show itself is really well produced and the hosts have a great rapport and energy.”

“Breach is so much fun. If you enjoy Silicon Valley history, corporate scandal, heists or espionage…you will love this podcast. As a bonus, the narrative is sprinkled with fast-paced humor that keeps you giggling. This is true crime for the digital age, fancifully interpreted by talented storytellers. I can’t wait for season 2.”

“Where’s the second season? Brilliant podcast that ties together recent issues relating to cybersecurity, privacy and the degree to which an information age based on readily accessible and transferrable data comes with significant vulnerabilities and consequences. Love it.”

“Timely and awesome. This podcast touches on a potent mix of current events and high tech realities that much of the population remains blissfully ignorant on. Entertaining and accessible, this podcast educates and thrills. Must listen, for sure.”

“Eye-opening and a great format. Loving this content and it’s really opened my eyes (and ears) to security in a way that is so much more interesting than a boring article or video.”

And check out a review of Breach by the Fast Company here.

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.