Speaking to a New Generation


In April 2008, MA auto insurance was deregulated allowing insurance companies to set their own rates. This resulted in new competition flooding the state. Arbella Insurance, an independent, local insurance company now had to compete with heavily funded national competitors.

Key Questions:

To help them compete, we asked ourselves these key questions:

  • How can Arbella Insurance breakthrough the cluttered marketplace and differentiate themselves?
An example of social content designed to engage with the younger Carpartment target by providing them useful information and ideas.


Our approach was for them to face their competition head on by connecting with core customers and expanding to a younger demographic at the same time. To achieve this, we had to come up with unique positioning for each audience.

Core Customer — Arbella’s independent agents live in New England and can service better than national carriers that don’t live here.

Future Customer — Instead of just creating an ad campaign that spoke to millennials, we proposed a whole new product idea.

New England Passion

We found the right atmosphere to connect with passionate New Englanders. Through sports, concerts and charity initiatives we created strategic partnerships where we were able to highlight independent agents and reinforce the value of having that agent. To do that we:

  • Established integrated partnerships with the Celtics and Red Sox as well as Live Nation to enable unique experiences across a wide range of passionate New Englanders.

Car + Apartment = Carpartment

We worked with Arbella and their creative agency to give the younger demographic something they can use as they leave home and start life on their own. We proposed a new product idea: a discounted policy that combines renters and auto insurance. We called the product Carpartment.

  • We created a memorable, fully integrated advertising campaign (TV, radio, digital, social, events) that at its core featured an actual Carpartment — an apartment and a car combined.


  • Month over month we increased “agent locator” searches showcasing continuous referrals to independent agents, creating strong relationships

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.