Educating and Engaging Both Sides of the Market


In 2014, Exact Sciences introduced Cologuard, the first non-invasive, FDA approved diagnostic (S-DNA) test to detect colon cancer. Norbella’s role, in collaboration with the creative agency, was to introduce and position Cologuard as a highly credible and accurate screening option within a landscape where the Colonoscopy is viewed as the Gold Standard.

Key Questions

With that in mind, we asked ourselves three key questions:

  • How can Exact Sciences evolve the long-standing standard of care, while dramatically increasing the amount of adults 50+ who screen for colon cancer regularly?


As the brand story unfolded we developed a test and scaled our approach for both patients and HCPs.

Connecting and educating the Physicians

After the launch period, we targeted early adopters who demonstrated strong adoption and prescription writing, in addition key payer and influencer geographies.

Norbella developed a unique media plan, utilizing a blend of highly targeted and credible media tactics, and targeting several physician specialty areas:

  • Highly-targeted Clinical search terms, with clear distinctions between HCP and consumer terms

Connecting and educating the Patients

As the brand grew in awareness and adoption, our education story evolved across multiple platforms and formats. We ultimately utilized a robust blend of SEM, Paid Social, Digital video, banners, network television, NPR, custom-content programs, and in-office placements.

  • Initially developing a local television testing matrix to understand the impact of television on the business within test markets

Results to Date

  • 2018 closed with achieving 934,000 tests completed, nearly 2MM total since launch

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.

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