Celebrating 10 Years of Media Excellence and Team Fellowship

We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a unique homage to the company’s culture. While we have continued to evolve with the ever-changing media industry, one thing that has remained consistent throughout the last 10 years has been our commitment to our people. That commitment has resulted in a tight knit family with traditions; a favorite being a weekly gathering for employees to walk away from their screens and enjoy one another’s company over beverages. The tradition has affectionately been dubbed, Fellowship.

“It’s no secret that agency work can be demanding. But at the heart of what we do in the media industry is people and their ability to connect with one another,” said CEO and Founder Stephanie Noris. “If we don’t take the time for that human connection, what’s it all for?”

To celebrate ten years of Fellowship, we have partnered with Rhode Island craft brewery Ravenous Brewing Company to create a custom beer that captures the personality and flavor of Norbella. In collaboration with Co-founder and Head Brewer Dorian Rave, the Fellowship Honey Ale was created.

A Rhode Island native and part-time beekeeper, Steph has been a longtime patron and friend of Dorian and his co-founder Pat Reilly of Ravenous Brewing Company; so a new honey ale from Ravenous was a natural fit.

“We loved the idea of honey ale to represent this unique group of people. It serves the tastes of any beer lover without being too light or strong,” said Dorian Rave. “In an industry obsessed with hazy New England IPAs and trendy sours, the honey ale is a refreshing, drinkable beer that speaks for itself.”

Fellowship Honey Ale is a full-bodied beer with complex flavors and a hint of sweetness. The beer is meant to be enjoyed by the agency’s employees, partners and clients. While it won’t be available in stores, Fellowship will be available for a limited time this fall at Ravenous Brewing Company while supplies last.

About Ravenous Brewing Company

The Ravenous Brewing Company was established in October 2012 and is situated in the northern end of Rhode Island in the city of Cumberland. Our brewery is small in scale and is what would typically be categorized as a “nano” brewery. Though labor intensive, our passion and dedication for quality goes into every batch of Ravenous Ale that goes out into the market. Our batches of beer are forged by hand and truly qualify as handcrafted, artisan ales.

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.

Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.