“Resolving advertising’s identity crisis is like negotiating a maze and advertisers have no idea what waits for them at the end of the labyrinth.” -MediaPost

While we may not have a map to get through the maze, we do have a compass; in the following we’ll provide additional context and background, an overview of the current situation and Norbella’s point of view on what the future may look like to help clients navigate “The Cookieless Future”.


There are three technological changes related to data privacy that are impacting the digital industry:

· With the release of iOS14, Apple now…

Advertising in the Age of Coronavirus — Things Advertisers Need to Consider

The Novel Coronavirus has quickly impacted American life as we know it across industries — and advertising is no exception. This crisis has already begun to impact how brands and marketers prioritize their advertising dollars, forcing us to re-evaluate where we are placing advertising now and into the future.

While the population’s attention has rightly re-focused itself on social distancing and ways to mitigate the outbreak of COVID-19, we must also consider the economic repercussions and find ways to keep businesses healthy during this critical time. …

If you haven’t heard by now, Norbella turned 10 and brewed a beer to celebrate. We do crazy fun things, but not just because we enjoy a good time. As people get to know each other, they feel more at home. They talk and work together more effectively, and our best work as individuals and as a company are achieved. Sometimes these conversations happen in a conference room, sometimes outside the office, and sometimes someone says “Hey want to grab a beer real quick?” …

The Unwritten Rules of Office Music, plus Our 10th Anniversary Playlist

I’ve been working at Norbella for five years this November, which is almost exactly half the amount of time Norbella’s been alive. Over the course of this time, a lot has changed in the media landscape; Digital has continued to evolve, connected TV and cord cutting is a major player in the video space, and machine-learning and programmatic media has exploded, offering exciting new ways to target and optimize media efforts.

But I’m not here to talk about any of that.

It turns out 10 years is a long time in “Music Years”. One of the most unique aspects of…

And her advice for what every woman should try once in her life. Stephanie Noris, President and Founder answers our rapid-fire questions about life inside and outside of Norbella over the past decade.

1. Emotions that come to mind as Norbella turns 10? DISBELIEF

2. Why did you start Norbella? To set the bar where I wanted it

3. What keeps you sane? Working out

4. What about Norbella makes you smile? The people

5. What brings you the greatest joy? My family

6. If you weren’t President and founder of a company what would you be? A Hospice caregiver

When it came time to decide how to celebrate Norbella’s 10-year anniversary it felt natural to do something that celebrates our culture. The idea to brew a beer in honor of our anniversary seemed like the perfect way to Cheers the milestone. Then came the task of naming the beer which may have been the hardest part.

What’s in a name? We felt it was important that our beer had a clever yet meaningful name. We brainstormed all sorts ideas. …

We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a unique homage to the company’s culture. While we have continued to evolve with the ever-changing media industry, one thing that has remained consistent throughout the last 10 years has been our commitment to our people. That commitment has resulted in a tight knit family with traditions; a favorite being a weekly gathering for employees to walk away from their screens and enjoy one another’s company over beverages. The tradition has affectionately been dubbed, Fellowship.

“It’s no secret that agency work can be demanding. But at the heart of what we do in…

We recently published an article about how Google is leading the charge on data privacy. One of the ways the tech giant is reshaping the state of privacy and protection is through “data clean rooms” which are rising in popularity with sophisticated marketers in a post-GDPR world. If this is sounding unfamiliar, let Norbella provide an overview.

What Data Clean Rooms Are

The concept of “clean rooms” is taken from the microchip industry where there are tight controls over environmental factors like air quality, temperature and humidity during the manufacturing process to maintain quality and avoid contamination.

Applied to data…

Written by: Phil Decoteau, Director, Digital

At the Google Marketing Live conference last year, it seemed that every session, presentation, workshop and event made mention of user privacy and how Google was handling data collection and protection. It was mentioned so much it almost became a running joke, “oh, here comes the part where they talk about user privacy for 15 minutes…”

It wasn’t a mystery as to why user privacy was top of mind for Google; Facebook has famously run into issue after issue with data collection and security, while giants like Yahoo and Equifax were brought to their…

Source: https://chiefmartec.com/2019/04/marketing-technology-landscape-supergraphic-2019/

Written by: Bob Deininger, VP Digital Media & Analytics

Chiefmartec.com recently released its Marketing Technology Landscape and it is overwhelming! Marketing technology (martech) companies came on the scene in 2011 with 150 companies — today there are approximately 7,040 all vying for your business.

How does a marketer make sense of this sea of logos? To answer that, we need to start by asking the right questions.

Why So Many Martech Companies?

Martech companies exist to improve the customer experience; however, there are a number of ways to achieve that goal. For example, data management platforms (DMPs) collect data to help marketers better understand customers…


Ongoing questions & confessions of a modern-day media agency.

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